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Phase Converters and Line Voltage Stabilisers

A Booster or a MultiPhase converter converts single phase power into 400-415V three-phase for motors and machines. It supports starting motors with extra currents for fast acceleration. A MultiPhase converter also balances the voltages precisely for CNC machines and VFDs. Supply options are 230-240V single phase or 400-415V two-phase or 460-480V split-phase. 

HEXADEC AC voltage stabilisers keep output voltages stable while the supplied line voltage varies. Sturdy and precise HEXADEC stabilisers are for single or three-phase power systems, for between 2.2kW and 240kW. No rotating parts as in servo systems, no high tapped  autotransformers. Just four low impedance binary weighted transformers and solid-state power electronics for pure sine wave outputs.