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AC Voltage Stabilisers

AC Voltage Stabilisers

Product description

Machines and sensitive production equipment require a stable and constant voltage.
Solid-state AC voltage stabilisers are based on IGBTs.

The AC voltage is precisely controlled in 32 fine steps.
Output waveforms are pure sine waves at all loads.

Product specifications

Single phase versions from 4kW to 40kW for a supply voltage of 190V to 280V.
Three-phase versions from 10kW to 120kW for supply voltages of 330V to 480V.

Switching of four transformers (32 steps) is free of inrush currents.

Input voltages of up to + - 20% are stabilised to +- 2% precision.
Input voltage swings of + - 30% are also regulated but with lower precision.

Load changes are compensated.
Momentary overload can be 300% for 5 seconds (starting motors).

Three phase voltages are independently stabilised. 

No scraping metal wipers on variac transformer wires as in servo systems.