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AC voltage stabiliser controllers

AC voltage stabiliser controllers

Product description

AC voltage stabilisers use standard transformers, not tapped transformers.
This way the output impedance is alway extremely low and constant.
One controller and four small transformers correct varying input voltages to within +-2%.

Solid state technology. No moving parts, no contacts, not rotating servos.
Three-phase systems use three independent single phase controllers for best voltage symmetry.

Digital controllers are based on modern IGBTs.
Output voltages are pure sine wave.
High overload capacity supports starting motors.

Voltage correction is instant, not sequential as in servo systems.
The output voltage is user adjustable for energy serving purposes.

Product specifications

Transformers are smoothly selected at zero current transitions in the sine wave.

No switching in the power path. No moving servos.
No high frequency; no shielding, no filters are required.

Four transformers with only 20% of the throughput kVA.